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It is the only 100% natural materials, renewable and inexhaustible favors consumption Local forestry and environmental protection.

The more wood is consumed, most forest plantations from nurseries and encourage and increase areas intended for planting forests for lumber.

It has some properties, such as material only: it is renewable, inexhaustible, permeable, sound insulation, thermal and electrical, and structural response is very good because the weights up very well.

The wood helps to reduce climate change because forests store large amounts of CO2 while they yield to the atmosphere the precious oxygen that makes life possible. This CO2 remains always within the timber.



Cost savings: linked to energy efficiency, the wooden window is very competent regarding energy loss levels, primarily heat, ie the heat transfer between a warm and a cold is easier to minimize in their competing materials (aluminum and PVC), because the wood is the insulating material by nature, the internal structure of porous, air-filled represents the best thermal and acoustic insulation.

Warmth and Wellness: own and intrinsic material. It combines beauty and biotechnology.

Health: better response to fire aluminum and PVC, also producing, if combustion gases are not as toxic as released by the PVC.

Safety: Compared to aluminum, in case of fire does not twist, given the slow combustion of wood, maintaining their structural properties more time.


Casement - Till & Turn
Sliding and parallel
Sliding and lift
Sliding - Folding
Pivoting (Horizontal and Vertical)
Remote control
Double - Hung window
Auning window
Till & Turn

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