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Carpiglob, based on their knowledge and experience, advising clients on the feasibility of their ideas and factory development and final product placement.


Carpiglob has a Technical Support department, which, produces woodworking Services.
Fields of activity in the area is structured gives us a comprehensive range of services, flexible and fully customized, making us the ideal partner to meet the specific needs of each client.


Carpiglob has own factory, it means constant renewal, we can find art machinery and a team of highly qualified professionals, who are able to develop any project however complicated, achieving a high level of quality in all manufactured products, therefore all our products have 2 years GUARANTEE.


Our placement service is based on perfection, order and cleanliness, so we have highly qualified professionals in any field of carpentry being able to develop simple jobs while the most extreme and complicated with a result optimal, so that customers enjoy a job well done.

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