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Carpintería Carpiglob Carpintería Carpiglob Carpintería Carpiglob Carpintería Carpiglob


Carpiglob is a company specialized in wood processing.

We started in 1995 with a small team of good professionals. Today we can carry out any project, offering the best solution to run on site, previously studied in our apartment. Services.

Our commitment to R & D + i is constant.
Convinced of the importance of innovation, research and develop Carpiglob technical and economic solutions best suited for our clients, effectively managing our most "active" knowledge.

The team of people that are Carpiglob is the pillar on which rests across a large organization.

Aware of this, the company has a policy of quantitative and qualitative growth with continuing education programs and joining the staff of new members to promote the versatility of our technicians.

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